What is the difference between marijuana, cannabis and hemp?

They are different names for the same herb. Cannabis is the general name for a number of plants in the same family. Hemp is one kind of cannabis that will not make you high because it contains less than 0.3% THC. Marijuana is a type of cannabis that will give you a high because it contains high levels of THC.

Was cannabis legal before?

Yes, all types of cannabis used to be legal for centuries. They only became illegal from the middle of the twentieth century, which is only a few decades ago.

Will raw cannabis with high THC make me high?

No. Raw cannabis contains THC-A and CBD-A. Only the application of heat will convert CBD-A into CBD and THC-A into THC. That is when it becomes psychoactive.

Is the whole cannabis plant usable?

No. The dried female cannabis flower is the one where all the magic happens because it produces more cannabinoids than the male plants. Growers practice Sinsemilla, i.e. they make sure that female plants are not fertilized so that there are no seeds. Here is why. Pollination and subsequent seed development consume considerable plant nutrients and severely reduce cannabinoid and terpene production. Also, seeds tend to pop when smoked or vaped, producing uneven smoke which users dislike. The flower is also used to make extracts, concentrates, topicals and edibles.

So, if you see a rolled-up joint, or the little green buds, you are looking at the dried cannabis flower.