Royal Leafs

Inspired by the leafs, Royal Leafs is a mid-sized, socially responsible, independent, and licensed cannabis retail company based in Southwest Ontario, Canada. We sell a range of Premium-quality cannabis products and accessories  in our store locations and online for pickup and delivery. Our customers can expect comfortable, valuable, and safe experiences in our stores while being served and advised by our informed, friendly, and reliable budtenders.  

We are also community-conscious and environmentally friendly. That is why we donate 6% of our annual net profits to various charities. Please suggest your local favorite charity

Cannabis Store in Waterdown
Mission Statement

Our mission is to be a safe, purpose-built, and socially responsible independent retail cannabis operation with informed, friendly, and reliable staff for comfortable and valuable customer experience. We will achieve this by being innovative, educational, and customer-centric.


Our Business Values

Our main emphasis is on customer needs. For that reason, we offer our valuable customers a comfortable buying experience, provide a variety of products to meet various preferences, and we have a price-match guarantee.

We care about our community’s safety and security, so we adhere to all the store regulations.

Last but not least, we believe in giving back to the communities that support us. We give 6% of our annual Net Profit to charitable causes (especially the hungry, needy, and the poor). This is based on the founder’s personal motto that “No one should go to sleep hungry”.

Please suggest your local favorite charity….

Our philosophy

We believe in nature and natural products derived from natural sources like leaves. These products are paramount to the survival of mankind either for medicinal, occasional, and recreational uses. The management of Royal Leafs strongly believe in the nutritional value of leaves such as salad leaves, basil leaves, curry leaves, mint leaves, coriander leaves, bay leaves and cannabis leaves.

Leaves have a fascinating aspect relating to the founder’s childhood where he used raw leaves as bookmarks, skin care product ingredients, and medicine for digestive health.

The theory and philosophy of this business is based on the nutritional, medicinal and recreational benefits derived from leaves. We believe in the safe, purposeful, and balanced use of leaves and their derivatives, including Cannabis. This is what led to the creation of Royal Leafs.

Royal Leafs: Cannabis Store in Waterdown
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