BC Bud Co. – Tea Cup Live Resin 510 Thread Cartridge – Indica – 1g


Tea Cup an indica-leaning cultivar not commonly found in Canada that appears milky when it nears harvest. It has a sweet, earthy, tea-like flavour.

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Product Information

Outdoor grown, biomass used to create live resin carts while simultaneously creating a solventless rosin with the same cultivar. These carts will fill the evolving gap from distillate to more flavour, no terpene reintroduction, with a multi-product SKU ability. Targeting a price point that is competitive to the top distillate products, these products lead the evolution to the next phase of cannabis innovation and quality. The BC Bud Co is a brand that represents quality stemming from growers across the province of BC. We represent generational quality and a determination to bring consumers a timeless brand by utilizing experts like Peak Processing which take our cultivated flower to present a final product for consumers.

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